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Only Natural Fibers (with one exception)

With the exception of an occasional bit of metallic sparkle, all yarns and fabrics used in my bags come from animal or plant based fibers. All yarns were dyed by independent dyers with professional grade dyes and all naturally-dyed yarns and fabrics were dyed by me.

How to Care for Your Bag

Over time your bag may show signs of wear in the form of a "fiber halo" or pilling. (This happens less with woven fabric than it would with a sweater knit with the same wool.) If any halo or pilling occurs, it can be carefully snipped off with a pair of sharp scissors. Do not use a friction based pill remover on handwoven fabric.

Handwoven bags should not be washed but can be carefully spot cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and if necessary, a tiny bit of a gentle non foaming wool wash like Eucalan or Soak. 

Do not iron any part of your bag directly. Spot steaming with a steam iron is possible on all non-leather areas. Please use caution and a protective pressing cloth.